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Model Call

Occasionally, we need models for the in-salon trainings we hold for our team or classes we attend outside of the salon, as well as photo shoots, and special events. Models enable our team to practice their techniques and build their portfolios.

If you're looking to receive free or reduced services while helping our talented team, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!

Here are a few things to know before applying:

  • Eligibility: Models of all age groups are encouraged to apply, but must be at least 18 years old. We value diversity and inclusivity.

  • Photo Submission: When applying, please share close-up pictures of your face and eyes. This will help us match the right models with the specific techniques being practiced. 

  • Services Offered: You can express your preference for the type of service you'd like to be a model for, whether it's lash extensions, spray tans, brow lamination or lash lift. However, final selection will be at the discretion of our team members' learning needs.

  • Before and After Photos: Our salon will capture stunning before and after photos during the session, which may be featured on our social media and promotional materials. We want to showcase the incredible transformations achieved by our talented team!

  • Consent Forms and Picture Waivers: Selected models will be required to sign consent forms and picture waivers to ensure we respect your privacy and rights. 

  • Ongoing Call: There is no specific end date to apply. Once you've submitted your information, you'll be added to our list of potential models. WE will contact you when a suitable opportunity arises. 

  • Benefits for Models: In appreciation for your participation, you'll receive free or reduced service plus copies of the pictures taken during the session.

If you think you would be interested in being a model, please fill out the form below. Sharing a picture will help us determine which service you would be a good candidate for. Our team will review the applications and reach out to selected models with further details.

Thank you for being a part of our journey and supporting our talented team members as they refine their skills!

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