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Your skin is a reflection of your overall wellness, and our philosophy is that beautiful skin begins with exception skincare. That is why our spray tan formula actually nourishes and improves your skin while giving you a glow that will mesmerize everyone who lays eyes on you.

Skin Health

Look as great on the outside as you feel on the inside with a spray tan that actually improves your skin! Our spray tan solution is loaded with botanicals and antioxidants that create the perfect cocktail to nourish and enrich your skin.

Skin Protection

We're serious about sun protection. A tan shouldn't come at the cost of pigmentation and premature aging. Our spray tan will instantly turn you into your desired shade of bronze.

Skin Tone

When selecting your shade of bronze, we consider your features, such as skin type, hair color, as well as the occasion! Your tan can be designed to be in line with the season, a special occasion, or a photo shout.

We can't wait to work with you!

When you come to your first airbrush tanning appointment, don't be shy about telling us what you want. Your artist is here to create a beautiful, natural tan that fits your unique skin tone and your expectations. We will be happy to recommend the right shade for you based on your coloring, but please let us know if you have an upcoming event or special occasion that may require more or less tanning.

Every one of our airbrush tans is customized just for you, so you'll always look your best.

Signature Bronze


Our signature bronzing treatment suits all skin tones. Every airbrush spray tan focuses on creating a tailored spray tan that achieves your ideal color. We recommend waiting 8-12 hours prior to showering, getting wet, or sweating.

Express Bronze


For the girl on the go! Our rapid solution allows you to rise off as soon as 2-5 hours after application, depending on your desired depth of color. Your tan will continue to develop for 24 hours after your first shower.

Spray Tan Pre & Post Care

We want to make sure your airbrush spray tan looks as good as you feel and lasts as long as possible. That's why pre-care and after-care is essential to guarantee flawless results. Click the links below to read our full pre-care and post-care instructions before you come in for your first appointment.
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